SUPER LOFKOM zinc coated sheets and coils offer good corrosion resistance, excellent paint ability, and wide material selection. Galvanized and galvannealed steel has become the preferred material in a number of market sectors e.g. residential and commercial construction, automotive, and manufacturing.

Today, speed, accuracy, and durability of product are the most important requirements in residential constructions, SUPER LOFKOM exists and most suitable to be used for steel house framing (truss). Along with this, SUPER LOFKOM guarentees longevity, and thereforem proves to be more valuable. SUPER LOFKOM is used in the following building and architectural applications: AC ducting, roofing, wall cladding, gutters, floor deck, and steel framing.

Automotive body parts require steel sheets that have enhanced paint ability, weld ability, and corrosion resistance. SUPER LOFKOM Galvanneal sheet is ideally suited for automotive applications such as automotive body panels and parts

SUPER LOFKOM also has many of other uses in a wide range of products. EXamples include: office furniture, guard rail, electrical panel, etc.